130 Novgorodskaya str., Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region, Russia


The Company "Bullit" (trademark «Novgorod Birch») is focused on the production of high-quality lumber of furniture humidity meeting the requirements of the NHLA.

Modern high-tech drying chambers by Italian company «Baschild» allow to dry birch lumber up to the required moisture content in the shortest possible time. The cameras are equipped with modern computer control systems.

Dried timber is calibrated on the ERP-18 high-speed planer.  The quality of the processed surface meets the highest standards of the timber used for furniture manufacturing.

Modern equipment operating in a single process flow guarantees the specified quality parameters: accuracy and surface finish, grade of products. Operating moisture of lumber can be determined in accordance with Customer requirements. Packaging protects the finished product from the precipitation and provides safety during loading and unloading.

The company operates on the principle of non-waste production and in accordance with environmental regulations. For this purpose we acquired the boiler system UNICOMFORT, which runs on waste and produces thermal energy for technological needs of the enterprise.

Drying chambers

Drying complex is represented by 7 chambers by the Italian company «Baschild», designed for one-off load of 1200 m3 of lumber. Maintaining the right temperature and generation of thermal energy at lumber drying is ensured by boiler equipment of UNICOMFORT company.

Packing lumber into drying stacks is made in accordance with the requirements of the company «Baschild».

Finish Goods

Production of finished products is represented by the high-speed planer ERP-18 equipped with lumber feed conveyor. Fast feeding and high quality of conversion allows to effectively process dry lumber and to calibrate its thickness according to Customers' requirements.

The site is equipped with two saw trimmer by company Pendu, allowing to produce timber meeting customer requirements to the length of the workpiece.


Finish Goods Warehouse of is represented by the dry calibrated lumber, packed in transport packages. Packaging protects the finished product from the precipitation and ensures safety during loading and unloading.

Special pallets for packages allow to quickly unload them from the container using a forklift.

130 Novgorodskaya str., Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region, Russia, 176260