130 Novgorodskaya str., Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region, Russia


The Company "Bullit" (trademark «Novgorod Birch») is focused on the production of high-quality dry timber according to the NHLA requirements. Our quality of mechanical converting and sorting of lumber products meet modern standards.

The key growth direction for the Company is to create modern and highly efficient enterprise for deep processing of birch lumber and to manufacture products according to the requirements of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), USA.

The production site is located on the territory of Malovishersky District, Novgorod Region, North-West part of Russia. Convenient transport links and proximity to the sea port of St. Petersburg create favorable conditions for uninterrupted supply of our Customers.

The main timber species processed is birch.

The Company is focused on cooperation with Customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We are ready to work with Customers on a long-term and mutually beneficial conditions.

130 Novgorodskaya str., Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region, Russia, 176260